To become a member

Belarusian Independent Film Academy unites Belarusian filmmakers both from inside the country and abroad. Membership is open to natural or legal persons who fit the criteria of Academy, and who accept the principles of the organization set forth in the statement of the Academy and agree to comply with the Articles of Association and the decisions of the General Assembly and the Board.

Which professional categories can become a member of Belarusian Independent Film Academy?

Category 1 – representatives of the film industry, citizens of Belarus, who participated in the creation of one or more feature-length feature films or two or more short films and/or documentaries and/or animated films (since 1991) that were shown in public (were distributed theatrically or online on one of the leading streaming platform for at least one week or participated in international film festivals accredited by the American Film Academy Oscar and/or BAFTA and/or FIAPF).

This category includes screenwriters, directors, cinematographers, production designers, composers, editors, sound engineers and producers. The conditions for actors and actresses are: starring in one or more feature films or two or more short films or supporting roles in two or more feature films or three or more short films.

Category 2 – film critics, film festival representatives and distributors.

Candidates of this category should attach two recommendations from members of the Belarusian Independent Film Academy to the application.

Category 3 – cultural, artistic and cinema figures (either citizens of the Republic of Belarus or citizens of foreign countries) who have made a significant contribution to the development or promotion of the Belarusian film industry.

What should you do to apply for becoming a member?

- Fill out and sign an application;
- Attach your bio, filmography in Belarusian and English languages and your photograph;
- Attach any additional documents if they are required;
- Send an application with all additional information to the email;
- In your email with the application, please specify whether you are comfortable becoming a public member of the Film Academy or if you prefer to remain anonymous.

The Board will vote to approve or refuse membership within one month of receipt of the application and notify the person submitting the application.

Once you become a member of Belarusian Independent Film Academy

- Along with membership, you get to vote in the Belarusian Independent Film Academy
- You will be required to pay an annual fee of 20 euros for the current financial year into the account of the Film Academy (the Film Academy starts accepting contributions from 2024)
- You will have the right to be elected to the Board of the Belarusian Independent Film Academy

Any member of the Academy can withdraw by written application.

The General Assembly can expel a member whose activities it considers to be contrary to the objectives of the Film Academy or to the provisions of the Articles of Association. Two-thirds of those present at the General Assembly must vote for the exclusion of a member from the Film Academy.