Declaration of the establishment of belarusian independent film academy
As Belarusian filmmakers, we are proud to announce the establishment of Belarusian Independent Film Academy.

We cannot remain silent observers of the crimes perpetrated by the illegitimate Belarusian government, unleashing socio-political and human rights crises in our country, while also decimating contemporary Belarusian culture.

The regime, which persecutes political opponents, peaceful protesters, and anyone who expresses their disagreement in any way, is also destroying independent organizations and public initiatives. Among the associations liquidated by the authorities are those that maintain and encourage Belarusian culture, cinema included.

As a result, Belarusian filmmakers either work in the conditions of repression – under the constant threat of persecution, imprisonment, and torture – or they are forced to leave the country in order to continue their professional activities.

In addition to the Belarusian regime’s war against its own people, we are also outraged by its complicity in Russia's war against Ukraine. The Belarusian Independent Film Academy supports Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in their struggle for freedom and against the Russian occupation. In February 2022, the Belarusian film community publicly spoke out against Russian military aggression against Ukraine: more than 130 Belarusian filmmakers signed a statement condemning Russia's actions.

All of this prompted us, independent Belarusian filmmakers, to unite. Our principled position is to refuse cooperation with any Belarusian state structures, while supporting filmmakers who continue working in Belarus as well as those filmmakers who are working in exile.
Our goals are:
to unite independent Belarusian filmmakers and bring their voices to the forefront of global consciousness
to disseminate information about the activities of Belarusian filmmakers, as well as about the social and political crisis in Belarus and the crisis in which independent Belarusian cinema has found itself
to promote the integration of independent Belarusian cinema into the general European film community according to the values, opportunities and perspectives of development and establishment of cooperation of Belarusian cinematographers with international film institutes, film funds, film markets
to fight censorship restrictions and to defend artistic freedom and the author’s right to express their opinion about the world
to promote educational opportunities for Belarusians in the field of cinema
to help Belarusian filmmakers receive international funding
to lobby the interests of Belarusian independent cinema on international platforms

We believe that the achievement of these goals will contribute to the development of Belarusian cinema and Belarus as a whole. We aspire to create an organization that will become the foundation of the film industry after Belarus gains independence from the totalitarian regime. The activities of the Film Academy reflect the interests of Belarusian society aimed at democratic transformation.